Martin Šufliarský

Project Manager / oXy online

"Michal is one of very few people able to enthrall you and keep completely focused on topic he teaches at the moment. I like his way of explaining even more sophisticated thinks very clearly on top of which he has always prepared a practical example and real case usage. He uses his soft skills as a true mastery. It counts more than ever in unpredicted situations, where questions could be very hypothetic and he then offers the view from higher perspective using a quick wit to lighten the situation. I recommend Michal as a trainer and consultant.

Alena Kozubová

Experienced IT Project Manager / IBM

"I had the pleasure of working with Michal on the same project. He learnt new things in a short time and worked hard to achieve all targets. He has exceptional management skills and can give direction to the team without being overbearing. He possesses a keen sense of what is important for the project and the team. Michal is dedicated, insightful and truly cares about people he works with. I recommend Michal as a leader of any IT project.

Petr Prerovsky

Infrastructure Project Manager / Dixons Carphone

"Lots of hard work had enabled Michal to grow professionally within a very short period of time. He learns from everyone he works with, and this enables him to be a well-rounded expert who is able to speak the language of all members of the project team. Besides being fluent in the technical jargon and seeing the goals and the needs of the stakeholders, he is able to develop a personable relationship with the people, and so the working environment is always stress-free and productive (even under strong pressure of competing priorities and deadlines). Michal continues to work hard as he gains more experience and takes a wider scope of responsibilities. I recommend Michal to leading position. Your company benefits from his professional work and will bring new experience to your team.